The Business Growth Club

Of course the real cost is doing nothing and staying exactly as you are now!

But let’s assume that makes no sense, in which case our costs are two-fold – measured in time and money

To make the system work you need to spend 15 – 20 minutes a day, no more than 5 days a week.  That’s all.

The monetary cost is £99.97 (including VAT) every 4 weeks

No contract which means you stay as long as it works for you!

Everything is included:

I will act as your coach throughout, both online and via email/phone with no limit on how much you use me

  • Workbooks on every subject
  • Videos to help your understanding
  • Audio files enabling you to listen if you prefer
  • Membership of your own group of like-minded business people
  • Daily accountability using our software, which will help drive productivity

Support and encouragement on every step of your journey

Everything we can possibly do to make you more successful – after all it’s in both our interests!

Or if you have any questions:

Just call Neil on 01603 443355 or email and let’s talk

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