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  About us

  • As small business owners ourselves, we completely understand the trials and tribulations of running a small business. We have employed sales advisers, office staff, managers, dealt with suppliers, Regulators, all things administrative and of course not forgetting the all important clients!
  • This means we understand how difficult it can be to remain focused on the important areas of business, as it is so easy to get side-tracked especially as a business grows and there are so many more balls to juggle. We appreciate that sometimes life can be difficult, and lonely at times for the small business owner.
  • Using our experience we created the system specifically for small businesses owners, people just like you, with aspirations just like yours. Rest assured you are in the hands of doers and not thinkers. People like you who know it’s the results that matter. There’s no theory here, just proven practical advice that works. So it is tailor made for you!
  • We have worked with just about every type of business in every sector over the last 20 years, and all of this valuable experience and knowledge is given to you in our system, nothing is held back…and it works!
  • Rather than deliver our work purely face to face with clients, we wanted to reach out to a wider audience online. Hence the Business Growth Club was born.

If you are a small business owner then we have a proven scientific system to help you. You’re not taking any risks here. You’re following a path that’s been trodden by hundreds of small businesses – people just like you with ambitions just like you, who got results just like the ones that you now want. Our testimonial page tells you some of their stories.

For over 20 years we have provided face to face advice for micro and small businesses up and down the land. Delivering great results. Growing our client’s Market Share. Our system, developed over 20 years, has never before been available online – until now!

We have now decided to place all of our knowledge online, and build a Business Growth Club aimed squarely at small business owners, the“backbone of our economy”.

Your skill is in running your business. Our skill is helping small business owners to grow. So it’s our job to explain “What” to do and “How” to do it, otherwise your business won’t benefit and we will have both wasted our time. You are in the hands of doers not thinkers. People like you who know it’s results that matter. And we’ve results aplenty over those 20 years.

We know you want to access the information when convenient for you, so you simply log in and watch a video or listen to an audio file. So you can watch as well as listen.

We release two videos and audio files a month, enough to make sure your business grows but not so much it swamps you or takes time away from your business or personal life. The videos are available 24/7 so this fits within your lifestyle. We’re all different. Some of our clients watch the videos early in the morning, some while they’re in their business, others in the evening, some at weekends. Others use the audio files. Your business, your choice.

Each video has a workbook which contains everything you need. Step by step, we walk you through what you need to do and how to do it to help you focus on the job in hand. You’ll achieve so much more when you break it down into bite sized chunks and that’s exactly what we have done for you. Listen or watch each video as often as you want. Your choice.

Our system will give you all of the tools you need to implement – no jargon and simple straightforward steps, so you can do the job! Because it’s results that matter. All proven to work and the vast majority cost absolutely nothing to implement….just some of your time.

The first three months are free and with no obligation – so no risk to you. We take the risk and if you cancel in the first three months we lose out and not you. And if what we offer ever drops off in the future, you’re not tied in as you always remain in control, with no long term contract, just a rolling 30 days, so stay as long as you’re happy it’s value for money. You can leave at a time of your choosing.

We offer a cast iron guarantee and read the “Your Guarantee” to see how and why we do.

For the first 200 subscribers we are offering membership for a crazy £23.97 (incl. VAT) per month, with the first three months free and we guarantee not to increase your price for five years.

But you need to move fast as once they’re gone, they’re gone and the next tranche will be at a higher cost – so with our free, no obligation three month trial, plus our guarantee, what have you got to lose!