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It’s our business to make your business grow

Looking for help, advice and support from fellow small business owners? We started the Business Growth Club with the sole purpose of helping local business owners in Norfolk and Suffolk. Sharing our knowledge, business ideas and building a sense of community.

We know running a business can be tough – we’ve been there.  Never mind finding the time to grow a business, which takes a different set of skills. It can feel impossible but help is at hand.

We use a mixture of online information and workbooks, coupled with daily support and monthly physical meetings. All at a really affordable price and backed by a money back guarantee.

Streamline your business
& make more time for you and your family.


We’ve put everything we know into the Business Growth Club. All our experience gained over a lifetime of sales and running small businesses. No theory just proven practical advice, from people who’ve been there.


We tell you how to put everything into practice. Nothing too complicated or costing any extra money – just simple, practical advice. Advice you will be able to follow and act on.


You will not be acting alone. We provide accountability (if you want it, not everybody does) but more importantly my personal support. I coach members and critique their work. We have an online community that supports each other. Everything possible is done to help you succeed.

Monthly Meetings

We meet as a group every month. A chance to explore new ideas, network with your fellow members and generally put the world to rights.  All included in your membership fee.

The Cost

Depending on what you want, membership costs between £58.31 to £83.31 (ex VAT) a month, and everything is included in that price.

Why so cheap?

That’s simple, we aren’t in this for the money. We love the sector, love what we do and every penny generated is ploughed back into our club.

No Contract

Stay for as long as we provide value for money, which is why we don’t tie anybody into a contract.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident we can help, that we offer a money back guarantee and check out the details here it is very fair and transparent too.

The BGC late morning Monthly meeting

The thin end of the wedge

1. informal
an action or procedure of little importance that is likely to lead to more serious developments.
“following some small initial steps will lead to increased business and productivity”

Some of the topics we cover both online and face to face –

The nine key foundations present in any successful business

There are up to nine key traits which we have found in any successful business. They illustrate how an attitude of mind can be so important to success, and we explore these in detail.

How to be a time manager – how to find the time to work through this course

We all have the same 168 hours available in every week, and yet some people manage to achieve so much more than others, and not normally by simply working harder but smarter – we give you the tools to do the same.  It is easier than you might think.

The importance of social proof – the who has had this before me question all prospects ask

None of us shop online for anything significant without checking what others who bought before us, found the experience. This is called Social Proof and it is crucial and takes many forms, so we explore them all.

How your headline, in everything you do, is the most important thing to focus on

If you don’t grab people’s attention with a powerful headline, then they will never bother to read any further.  We all need headlines that speak to your target audience and compels them to read on, otherwise, you are wasting time and money. We have some great templates.

Stop talking about the features of your service or product, benefits are all that matter

We tend to talk about the features of our product or service, as understandably we are proud of these facts.  But they are irrelevant to our customers – all they want to know is how these benefit them.  We have a devastatingly simple way of creating benefits which will speak to your audience.

Risk stops people buying, we show you how to help them over this hurdle

We all stand by our service but few talk about what this means openly, which is a mistake.  We can provide re-assurance to our customers that we are right for them by helping remove the risk of buying, using guarantees. Not convoluted ones, but simple open and honest which will help prospects over the line.

How to give prospects loads of reasons why they should choose you, and maintain your margins

We never want to compete on price, as a race to the bottom. What we need to do is compete on service, the whole customer experience and give people loads of reasons why they can and should trust us. Get this right and we can maintain our margins and have happy customers too.

The importance of using a call to action to get people to respond, and respond now

We are all busy, and this means it is all too easy for your prospects to put off any decision to engage with you. And we know tomorrow never comes!  That’s why it is vital to have an effective call to action, something to get people to respond and do so now.

What your customers think of you and why

If you can find out what your customers really think of you, the good, the not so good and what they would like you to do differently, wouldn’t that be priceless information? We help you using a tried and tested process that is easy to do and your customers will like too.

How to create truly irresistible offers

Offers can be either soft or hard, and both work in different scenarios.  Making an effective offer can make all the difference in getting somebody to engage and buy from you, and the trick is to do so without just giving money off and cutting your margins. Easy when you know how!

What your competitors are up to

If you knew what your competitors were up to, it gives you an edge and enables you to differentiate yourself – highlighting the key differences between you.  Often they won’t be anything like as good as you may fear, and we show you step by step to go about this – ethically of course.

Create a Unique Perceived Benefit – unique to you!

Once you have done some competitor research, we will show you how to create a Unique Perceived Benefit that really makes you stand out.  Notice I’m not saying a unique selling point, what I have is much smarter and sustainable too.

Why Target Market are the 2 most important words in business

If you are shouting about your offering to everyone, you end up having a conversation with nobody. Target marketing is all about identifying who you should be talking to and what message would they like to hear.  Not that difficult but few do this well – we give you a step by step guide to make it possible and what a difference it makes too.

How to get your pricing right

Pricing is a really complex subject and very few businesses are confident they get it right.  In many ways, it is all about understanding your numbers and the impact of either increasing or decreasing your prices on your bottom line.  We explain this is non-technical language and this is a real eye-opener.

Use words effectively to get your message across

We all use words to communicate be that on the web, email, proposals, brochures, flyers and even the spoken word is often taken from a script or notes. We need to avoid jargon and make the words resonate with our target audience and we have some real Do’s and Don’t which help enormously.

Build effective sales funnels to convert prospects

Prospects often take their time before making a decision to buy – they want to browse, have a look and feel of the product or service, see what others have said about you, compare prices and availability – the list is a long one. You need to manage this process and help people to make the right decision – leading to much higher conversion rates and hence sales.

Put together effective quotes and sales letters

Few companies produce really effective sales letters or proposals/quotes. Ones that convert.  We have loads of experience helping businesses produce super effective proposals which have literally transformed sales – nothing like as hard as you might think and often counter-intuitive, but they really work.

How your staff help your business

If you have staff they are probably your biggest asset and largest cost too! Often as small business owners we never started out wanting to manage staff, but now find ourselves doing so – we show you ways to help them be more effective and what matters. Not in an HR way but using practical tools that help.

How to tackle buyers remorse

Most of us if we make a reasonably large purchase, will immediately start to regret the decision straight after placing the order!  It’s human nature but we don’t want to lose that sale and so by following some simple steps, we can help reassure the customer they have made the right decision. No point losing a sale at the last hurdle is there.

What are your strengths and weaknesses

It is easy to be too close to your business, making it really hard to be objective.  We use a tried and tested relatively simple tool, to help you think clearly about your own strengths and weaknesses.  Based on facts and not a gut feeling or what you ‘think’ might be true.

And Opportunities and threats

Similarly we help you think of your business in the context of the wider world, taking a moment to identify trends and threats, helping you prepare for the future. Knowledge is power here.

…And what to do about them

Armed with this information, you will form an action plan to help you grow and protect yourself too.

The secrets of Web Marketing

We all know about the web in one form or another, but how do you market on the web and what rules apply? We take you through a step by step guide, using everyday language so you can very clearly know what needs to be done – either by you or the people you work with.

How to package a service product to make it irresistible

In some ways products can be easier to sell – after all they are tangible, whereas a service based offering is much harder.  We show you how to effectively ‘package’ your service offering making it come to life – leading to more sales as a result.